In conversation with artist Marion Jaklin 

It really is the thought that counts. Taking the time to make or do something for a loved one is a really special gesture, and something as simple as a handwritten note can mean so much. That’s why we asked Marion Jaklin to turn the humble Christmas card into a work of art. She’s created four unique designs, each one’s numbered and created in an edition of 120, and we’ll be including a design chosen at random with every order from now until Christmas. Or until they’re all gone. To find out what makes Marion tick, and what Christmas means to her, we sat down with the artist… 

On home

For me, Tromso is where I call home. It’s just north of the Polar Circle. My love for the north of Norway impacts everything I do, including my paintings, illustrations and photography. I actually studied photography, and refer to myself as a ‘picture maker’, but love to use different techniques and mediums to manipulate them, taking them somewhere new and exciting. 


On our collaboration 

This project is such a perfect fit for me. Not only because Christmas is my favourite time of year, but I absolutely love cashmere and knitwear. It makes up most of my wardrobe. And that’s what draws me to Lisa Yang, the pieces are made to be worn and cherished, and they’re crafted with such quality they’ll last a lifetime.

On art 

To be honest i’m quite a quiet person, and art has the ability to show what you can’t say with words. Creating pictures and illustrations has become my language. And everything moves so quickly these days, with obligations never ending, so when I’m sat with my pens and tools I experience a deep concentration that’s almost like meditation. These small moments are so important to my happiness.


On inspiration

I draw most of my inspiration from classic stories, folktales and Scandinavian nature, of course. Imagining mythological beasts, fantastical landscapes and otherworldly scenarios.

On traditions

My children have brought a whole new meaning to Christmas now, and I love to make it a magical time for them. I am probably over enthusiastic when it comes to Christmas. We even celebrate half-Christmas on 24 June when there's only six months to go! I don’t need a lot though, just Christmas music and lots of incense.


On December 

When the darkness wraps around the houses, and you can nestle into your home and light candles, is when I feel my best. For me, Christmas is a time to wind down and spend time with my loved ones above all else. December is actually my favourite month of the year.

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